Why Waldmann lighting ?

Waldmann's workstation lighting is based on a simple principle: if an employee is doing well, it's good for the company.
Even in a highly technical world, people are always at heart working processes.
Waldmann integrates its needs and requirements to optimize the lighting of its workstation.

Information about Waldmann

Waldmann offers a tailor-made light, depending on the desired task and the environment. Industrial customers benefit from exclusive solutions for industrial lighting as well as the wide know-how of the company, which, with a wealth of experience, has countless lighting solutions and thus creates synergy effects.

Waldmann also offers special solutions in our product range, such as ESD protection zones. As a precursor in the development of energy efficient lighting systems in the industrial field, we offer you optimal and complete solutions.

Lighting solutions

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Other important information on Waldmann Lighting

Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) must be provided to prevent damage or destruction of electronic components or subassemblies during assembly due to electrostatic discharge. time, day-to-day assembly site operations require excellent visual conditions.
For efficient, high-quality lighting solutions, Waldmann offers a wide choice of ESD: Electrostatic discharge

BioDynamic Lighting At workstation

The hormone cortisol is produced in the body in the morning. It stimulates the metabolism and programs the body for day mode. The first morning light suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. VTL supports the activity of the stress hormone cortisol at the beginning of office work by stimulating cold-tone light and high illuminance values.

The levels of cortisol decrease over the course of the day. However, good performance levels of the office workers are still maintained around midday. For VTL, this means that it continues providing mainly activating cold-tone light and high illuminance values.

In the afternoon, the production of cortisol in the body has already decreased significantly, with the active working phase approaching its end. The production of the sleep hormone is not yet required at this moment. VTL supports this transitional period by means of a neutral mixed light. The illuminance is gradually reduced.

The melatonin hormone makes workers tired and reduces the activity in favour of night sleep. With biodynamic light during the day, the melatonin level is correspondingly high during the night. The person sleeps well and is rested and productive the next day. VTL supports the transition to the rest phase through reduced brightness and relaxing warm tone light.