About ERGONOMIC work environments

Ergonomics, functionality and efficiency are permanent axes of reflection. When you choose an ERGONOMIC work environment you opt for a durable, quality and scalable solution.

The impact of good ergonomics ?

According to a study conducted by the University of Warwick in 2014, employees who are dissatisfied with their work are 10% less productive than the average employee, while those who are very satisfied with their work are 12% more productive than the average worker. employees.

What are the questions ?

Do I have ergonomic flaws in my current workstations ?
How to know if the return on investment is profitable and measurable ?



Other very important information on the ergonomics of work provided by a good working environment

Good ergonomics is not just about adjusting the furniture of a workstation.
Better ergonomics means knowing the work process from beginning to end.
It is however more important to identify the individual needs of the task and the employee.
Developing the work environment and working methods is beneficial, as it helps the community reduce the number of days of sick leave and workplace accidents, improve the quality of work and increase efficiency. and production volumes.
Employees who work in a pleasant environm

How do you know if the return on investment is profitable and measurable?

If an employee spends an extra hour per hour looking for their parts, in a 10-person workspace,
this equates to: 10 people x 220 days x 8 hours x 1 minute => 36 working days a year.