Why Fume Extraction ?

Many work environments today, including soldering and adhesives applications, create particles and gases that can be harmful to the work place and the environment.
To protect the operator, it is important to use an extraction system that is able to separate these particles and gases and then re-circulates the cleaned air back into the work place.
It is important to use the correct safety equipment to remove these hazardous substances.
Inhaling fine particles is more dangerous than big particles that get caught more easily because they can block the alveoli in the lungs.

Weller Filtration benefits

  • The ultimate protection for the environment, man and machine
  • Quick, easy installation thanks to Weller Filtration Easy Click systems
  • Long service life thanks to the particularly large filtration areas
  • Constant flow control using intelligent control systems
  • Quietest equipment in the world

What health risks can develop ?

A lot of to­days dust and fumes are haz­ardous to health when in­haled. Over­ex­po­sure can lead to se­ri­ous and long term med­ical prob­lems such as oc­cu­pa­tional asthma or other ef­fects like :

  • Headaches
  • Nosebleeds
  • Sionasal cancer
  • Sore throat
  • Occupational asthma
  • Eye irritation
  • Dermatitis and acne
  • Respiratory damage

The solution for your health

Multi - configuration

10 important things you need to know if you work with hazardous gases and particles !

1 : Long term ex­po­sure to air­borne par­ti­cles and gases can couse per­ma­nent dam­age.

2 : Thou­sands of work­ers all over the world con­tract oc­cu­pa­tional lung and other dis­eases, in­clud­ing can­cer, each year.
They de­velop those be­cause they breathe in too much dust, fumes or other air­borne con­t­a­m­i­nants at work. *HSE Helath & Safety Ex­ec­u­tive in Great Britain.

3 : At least 20 % of em­ploy­ees in the sol­der­ing area in­di­cate clin­i­cal symp­toms of asthma. *Re­sults from a study made in USA & Eu­rope

4 : Oc­cu­pa­tional asthma is a major issue in elec­tron­ics man­u­fac­tur­ing be­cause when a per­son de­vel­ops oc­cu­pa­tional asthma he / she has to be moved from that work­ing area.

5 : Breath­ing with oc­cu­pa­tional asthma.

6 : Once a per­sonal de­vel­ops asthma, the symp­toms are per­ma­nent and ir­re­versible.

7 : Al­most every­one who works in an in­dus­trial en­vi­rone­ment comes in con­tact with chem­i­cals which con­tain a sol­vent.

8 : Most of dan­ger­ous gases are in­vis­i­ble to the eye.

9 : For peo­ple with heart dis­eases, short term ex­po­sure to haz­ardous air­borne par­ti­cles, can be linked to heart at­tacks and ab­nor­mal heart rhythms.

10 : The com­bi­na­tion of being ex­posed to both gases and air­borne par­ti­cles is more dan­ger­ous than only being ex­posed to gases.

How do I get the best protection?

  • Weller fil­ter sys­tems offer the best pos­si­ble pro­tec­tion to the op­er­a­tor by ex­tract­ing dan­ger­ous fumes and cap­tur­ing air­borne par­ti­cles at high­est lev­els.
  • The fil­ter sys­tems are mo­bile, and can be moved around the work­place.
  • The sys­tems are easy to in­stall and have low ser­vice re­quire­ments.
  • The noise lev­els of the fil­ter sys­tems are very low, ad­di­tion­ally pro­tect­ing the op­er­a­tor from ex­ces­sive noise pol­lu­tion in man­u­fac­tur­ing areas
  • The prod­uct range con­sists of var­i­ous prod­ucts that can be used for dif­fer­ent ap­pli­ca­tions.
  • The fil­ters have a long life time.